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Please help me making the exhibition 'A Walk in Myddleton Road' at Bruce Castle, North Lond

I am asking your support for an exhibition I'm preparing for Bruce Castle Musuem to be exhibited from mid May to the end of October 2017. It will consist of drawings of Myddleton Road and the New River which connects with the street. Myddleton Road has been a commercial street in my neighbourhood, Bounds Green, North London, since the end of the 19th century, and is currently going through a regeneration. The exhibition will create an historic record of the street, and allow the observer to view it in great detail while considering slowness and observation in times of escalating speed.

My aim is to engage not only with the art crowd, but also with local people who are not necessarily interested in contemporary art. The local community and this street are important for me, and I hope that the exhibition will generate more interest in the street itself and more local engagement with contemporary art.

The exhibition at Bruce Castle Musuem will be free. During the exhibition I will give two gallery talks, an adult drawing workshop, and schools workshops. The display will include two pencil panoramas of both sides of the street (7.3m/ 24 feet each), and a charcoal drawing of the New River.

So why am I asking for your support? I believe that 'A Walk in Myddleton Road' will be a strong project that will benefit the street and the local community, and will interest history enthusiasts and art lovers. I also think that in the future, the panoramas will serve as an historical document of the street as it was in 2016/17. In order to keep this project accessible to the public and the local community, to keep the workshops and talks free, and being able to achieve all that I am planing for it, I need to raise funds. It will help with planing and delivering workshops, promoting the project, printing postcards, posters and invitations, and to help to cover the studio costs.

Any support you can offer will be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks for taking the time to read this, and hope you will consider this positively.

The exhibition will be at Bruce Castle Museum between mid May to the end of October 2017, and I hope you will come to see it.

With thanks,


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