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"Thanks so much Gabriela for being an oasis in the Corona lockdown desert where we can come every week to nourish and replenish ourselves with the generous hearted, creative inspiration and enthusiasm that you bring. Your smiling face and warmth will be lasting image for these challenging times."

"It's been a great focus for the week and I'm so grateful for all your energy, enthusiasm and creativity...You're an inspiration!"

"You have been a constant at a time of so much uncertainty. Thank you so much for the classes and your ideas,  guidance and interesting range of music! Loved the lessons and the fact that you brought a little community together from across the globe."

"Tuesday night art class is the highlight of my week. I have learnt so much over these last few months..."

"I really enjoy the classes. Drawing/painting is so absorbing and relaxing and it is such a nice friendly group. Plus Gabriela's energy and enthusiasm is just great and so encouraging."

"I’ve been attending Gabriela’s class for some time now, and I have enjoyed it so much... It’s a friendly group and Gabriela really makes you feel part of the family!! ❤️ I definitely recommend this class if you interested in starting out or looking to improve your art!"


"..there is a lovely atmosphere at the class and I look forward to it each week. I'm also finding that  it has opened my eyes more to what I see around me and that I notice colours, shapes and  textures all the time when I am out and about."

 "I love the class and I love the people in the class. Some evenings it feels like a haven and  everything slows down...

‘Through the Still Life observation I have to stop and really look at what I  see and after some classes I

 feel my mind has expanded and I feel more peaceful" 

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