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About the class

What will you learn?

  •  We will work mainly from observation with a wide range of subjects: still life, interior, outdoors, and the human body.

  •  We will also work from secondary sources such as photos and artworks and develop personal response to them.

  • You will  learn the use of line, tone, colour, mark making and composition, but also understand the meanings a work can present.

  •  We will use a variety of techniques and develop a fluid and dynamic approach that will promote confidence in your work.

  •  You will learn through individual tuition, group critique, group discussions, by seeing other students’ work and by inspirational works of art.

  •  The courses are a platform :

          to discuss ideas 

          Meet people with shared interest

          Learn about various artists

          Expand your mind and be engaged in a meditative activity, (some students even call it their therapy session...).

 The courses are suitable for all levels.

About the studio-

The studio is located in Bounds Green and can have up to 8 students.

You will be supplied with drawing paper to work on, and can purchase watercolour paper.

Recommended materials:

Pencils, rubber, charcoal, colour pencils or pastels, watercolours or gouache and brushes.

Getting there- The studio is on Westbury Road N11. There is free parking, but sometimes it takes some time to find one.

Close buses are 299, 102, 184 and 221.

It is a 7 minute walk from Bounds Green underground station, and from Bowes Park train station.

To see some students' work click here

For times and fees for the adult and children art courses please click here​.


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