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For the price of a night out an art work could be yours forever...

It's this time of the year again... If you are looking for a present that will be unique, meaningful and remembered, for a price of a night out an art work could be theirs, or yours(!) forever... This year I will particiapte in three winter sales.

  • - At Keren Bar Gil Winter Salon (30/11-3/12) paintings and sculptures.

  • Myddleton Road Winter Market ( Sunday 3/12) etchings, postcards, posters and small original works ( art work between £45-£300 )

  • One Paved Court gallery (14-17/12) etchings. (£50- £300)

  • At my studio by appointment.

'#strawberries #plasticcontainer', oil on canvas, 41x41cm, 2017

You can have a better look and see few more etchings here. Here is what a happy costumer says: "It is not often that I find art work I would love to own and rarer still to find works of this quality at a price I can afford. Buying art is a deliciously luxurious experience but from the moment it's yours it becomes a necessity in your life. I love it more every year, and though I know it's a good financial investment I cannot imagine a time when I would be willing to part from it. This is my kind of shopping and I can't wait to receive my latest purchase. Of Gabriela's work I own a water colour landscape, an oil paint from the clown series and have just bought 2 woodland etchings." Q- I'd love to get a print or drawing but can't be bothered with the framing. A- No problem, first, many of the works are framed, but if is not, I am happy to frame it for you and get it to you well before Christmas. Q- What if I can't make it on any of the sales? A- You can arrange with me to come to my studio on a different day. Q- Will I be able to pay in instalments? A- Absolutely!

Q- Can i pay with a card?

A- Yes. Hope to see you at one of those events or at my studio.

Karen Bar Gil Winter Salon

9 Kidderpore Gardens,


Friday 1/12 9- 2pm

Sat & Sun 2-3/12 10-6pm

Myddleton Winter Festival Sunday 3rd December 11-5pm Myddleton Road N22 8LZ

One Paved Court 14th- 17th December opening hours: Thursday 14/12- 11-8pm (mulled cider will be served in the evening!) Friday 15/12- 11-6pm Saturday 16/12 11-6pm Sunday 17/12 11-5pm 1 Paved Court Richmond TW9 1LZ 020 8408 2139

It would be lovely to see you! Sending you warm Regards, Gabriela

PS1. If you think this email may interest any of your friends I'm happy and thankful if you could forward it to them.

PS2. If you are not on my mailing list and would like to be kept in the picture please join my mailing list. I promise not to share your details or to send irrelevant emails.

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