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Drawing and Painting Classes in North London

Drawing and watercolour courses in Bound Green , North London

Look more carefully at reality, be creative, be engaged, and be part of an intimate and a friendly group. (maximum 8 students)

Tuesdays 19:30- 22:00 12th April- 5th July £204

Wednesdays 10:00- 12:30 13th April- 6th July £204

Wednesdays 19:30- 22:00 13th April- 6th July £204

This term includes 12 sessions, half term holiday is on 31st May and 1st June.


Payment is available in instalments but needs to be paid in advance in order to secure a place.

So what will you learn?

- We will work from observation with a wide range of subjects, mainly within the studio setting.​​

- You will learn the use of line, tone, colour, mark making and composition, but also understand

the meanings a work can poses.

- We will use variety of techniques (pencils, charcoal, pen,ink & watercolours) and develop a

fluid and dynamic approach that will promote confidence in your work.

- You will learn through individual tuition, group critique, group discussions, by seeing other

students’ work and by inspirational works of art.

- The courses are a platform to discuss exhibitions, meet people with shared interest, expand your

mind and be engaged in a meditative activity.

I will provide at no extra cost drawing papers (not watercolour papers) and a nice cup of

tea in the break!

What are students saying?

"..there is a lovely atmosphere at the class and I look forward to it each week. I'm also finding that it

has opened my eyes more to what I see around me and that I notice colours, shapes and textures all

the time when I am out and about." "I love the class and I love the people in the class. Some evenings it feels like a haven and e verything slows down...

‘Through the Still Life observation I have to stop and really look at what I see and after some classes I

feel my mind has expanded and I feel more peaceful"

For more details and to enrol please contact me on:

Gabriela- 07961 050 413 Please remember that places are very limited. In order to avoide disappointment please book early.

Best Wishes,,


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